Our Mission

The Real News Revival project aims to foster a civic and philanthropic commitment to investigative journalism.

We seek (1) to broaden popular exposure to investigative journalism by getting good newspapers and magazines into the hands of people who don’t get or can’t afford them; (2) to support investigative journalism directly through gifts and endowments to newsrooms around the country.

What do we do?

bundle-1853667_1920We provide direct and indirect support to investigative journalists, journalism, and the spread of real news everywhere.

First and foremost, we ask that you treat yourself and others to real news. Subscriptions are great gifts, and they’re the easiest way to support good journalism. Even if you can’t read a magazine every week or newspaper every day, your subscription helps news outlets stay afloat in this time of need. A Real News Revival requires everyone to pitch in, and to be public about it. Tweet and post about your commitment to truth and investigative journalism. Follow your favorite journalists. Let them know you value their work. We’re here to channel and support those efforts.

Second, we fund newspaper and news magazine subscriptions for school libraries, health clinics, break rooms, veterans hospitals and more around the country. This not only supports investigative journalism through increased print subscriptions, but it also provides opportunities for more people to fall in love with real, thinking news. (Click here to support our Revival Holiday Drive)

Third, we promote endowments to newsrooms around the country. News agencies have a hard time committing their dwindling resources to stories that might not materialize. But those are the stories we need. So it’s up to us as concerned citizens to provide financial support for this critical work. Let us help you to set up an endowed office of investigative journalism in your town.

How do we spread real news?

The Revival provides annual newspaper and news magazine subscriptions to the people and places that our supporters nominate (please add your nomination to the list). When we receive a contribution, we contact the nominee directly. We verify the mailing address and discuss their preference for a newspaper or news magazine subscription. Then we order the subscription. We are a volunteer organization. 100% of contributions support subscriptions.

See our online records for a current list of subscriptions given.

You can also review our current list of Real News Outlets.

Who are we?

We’re a small group of volunteers based in Washington, DC committed to supporting investigative journalism and the spread of real news.

We do not represent, nor do we have financial or family ties to, any news outlet or news organization. We’re a group of concerned citizens doing what we can to support the work of investigative journalists.

Laura Field & Austin Hart
Co-Founders of the Real News Revival