How you can help

There are three simple ways to support the Real News Revival.

1. Treat yourself to some Truth!

paperreaderThe Real News Revival starts with you. Subscribe to a newspaper or news magazine. Give subscriptions to your friends and coworkers (see our current list of Revivalist Papers and Magazines). Then publicize your commitment to journalism and the spread of real news. Tweet and post about your subscriptions. Encourage others to join you.

Please consider getting print copies as part of your subscription. Print is less prone to click bait; print subscriptions generate far more money (via advertising) than digital; most print subscriptions come with digital access anyway; you can donate your print subscriptions and share the gift of real news.

2. Contribute to the Revival New Year’s drive.

This holiday season, help us fund newspaper and news magazine subscriptions for school libraries, health clinics, break rooms, shelters, cafes and more around the country. Our aim this year is to provide about 250 annual subscriptions to award-winning newspapers and news magazines. Visit our contribution page to read more about our New Year’s drive, and help us put a bit of Truth under a lot of trees this year.

Whether you contribute or not, please tell us to who or where we should send our subscriptions. Send us your nominations here.

3. Endow an investigative position or team

If you have the capacity to make a larger contribution, consider providing direct support to investigative journalists through an endowed investigative team. Let us help you work with a newspaper or news magazine to set up an endowment to fund investigative journalism.